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Steves Honda Loaded onto Carrier

If your Car, Van, Truck, Heavy SUV or RV has a receiver hitch, you may be able to transport your motorcycle, or scooter easily and economically. Our family of Well Engineered, All Steel, PURPOSE BUILT, modular, motorcycle carriers are carefully designed to give you the toughest, most versatile and reliable carrier available!  Heavy Duty, All Steel, Modular Cycle Carriers and Accessories Designed and Built w/Pride in the USA since 1999.

Send me info on your application with photos so I can evaluate your application and recommend the best cycle carrier your money can buy! The product is modular so I can supply the correct receiver length to avoid over- loading your hauling vehicle by keeping the cycle as close as possible to the back of the vehicle.


Our Products

We offer motorcycle carriers for small-large road bikes, dirt bikes, and scooters up to 1000 lbs.  In addition to popular accessories, custom built carriers are dual carriers, large road bikes or carriers with special features. These carriers start at $450 & have a 2-6 week lead time.

General Note On Products

Smoke Gray Powder coated paint is used on all products. Powder coated receiver assemblies, loading ramps, stabilizer bars and main carrying tray are standard after 2011. A minimum of (2) red DOT reflective tape markers are added to the cycle carriers. A few small details may be oil enamel painted.

Our biggest customer is the U.S. Military! They understand the proper loading of a vehicle and the importance of precise tie down techniques!

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Ordering Your Steel Hitch Carrier


Pick-up is the most economical method due to the large size and weight of the complete carrier. Sales Tax saving can also be had by some local pickups!  Complete carriers, accessories, spare parts and hardware can be readily quoted and shipped by calling: Steve Slavick: 301-573-2815.  Standard products can be ordered on the website under “STORE” or call me to place a credit card order and I will verify the most economical item is offered and good advice is given on any trade-offs!  For local pick-ups, I will set up the carrier on your vehicle and give a training class on use and proper tie down!